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Summer Fest 2020 Menu

Enjoy a Summer Fest feast July 17 - 26!

Choose 2 courses for $29 or 3 courses for $35. Curbside takeout & limited dine-in seating available. 

Vorspeisen & Suppen

Gazpacho | w/ fresh vegetable garnish & black pepper pretzel croutons

Spinach Salad | w/ strawberries, hard boiled egg, bacon & shredded white cheddar in vinaigrette

Wurstsalat | Traditional German meat salad, served w/ homemade Schwarzbrot



Summer Schnitzel | topped w/ grilled pineapple & tomato, smothered in Münster cheese, served w/ potato pancakes

Oma's Stuffed Meatloaf Bavarian meatloaf stuffed w/ Debriziner sausage & topped w/ bacon, served w/ whipped potatoes & creamed corn

Sausage Platter | Bauernwurst (beef), Bratwurst (pork) & Weisswurst (veal) sausages over Sauerkraut & whipped potatoes

Crabcake Helgoländer | w/ house remoulade & summer slaw


Choose one side

Spätzle, red cabbage, whipped potatoes, green beans, German potato salad, glazed carrots, potato dumplings, creamed corn or zucchini



Lemon Curd Cheesecake | Creamy limoncello cheesecake topped w/ zesty lemon curd

Triple Chocolate Mousse Torte | Decadent chocolate cake w/ chocolate mousse frosting, topped w/ dark chocolate ganache

Apfelstrudel | w/ vanilla sauce


Call 540-948-6505 to make reservations or place your curbside takeout order. We look forward to serving you!